Persistence Through Ignorance – A Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

…The sky cracks open as a bolt of thunder tears through the endless boundaries of what is and is not, thrusting itself into the dry earth with devastating force. Claude looks over towards the hills that stand off in the distance, letting out a stuttered sigh as another bolt launches itself from the sky and into the decaying earth below.

“You’ve proved your BLOODY point, stop it!” he spits through teeth clenched and bloody as he turns to Herc, who sits proudly upon the throne of broken bodies. He smiles broadly and allows a gentle laugh to escape his lips.

“My point was made many moons ago Claude, this is the beginning of the end, something even I cannot put a stop to. Perhaps y…”

“BULLSHIT! BULLSHIT ON EVERYTHING YOU ARE! You’re a LIAR and a FRAUD who is so full of his own BULLSHIT that he can’t see past the forest of trees that stand in from of him! You’ve only ever said how great you are, and how nothing is ever impossible for YOU!” he growls with curling lips as a sea of saliva spits freely from his mouth. “And now you’re saying you’re nothing but a limp dicked piece of SHIT who can’t get it up, stop LYING! Stop BULLSHITTING ME AND STOP THIS!”

Herc laughs louder this time and pushes himself to his feet, drawing his broad sword as he does. “So be it, I will end this for you!” he snarls as he charges forward, sword held ready to strike.

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