Time Machines And Broken Dreams – A Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

…“It wasn’t necessary, and you know that! We only needed to scare the marks, not kill them!” Shawn spits through trembling lips.

“Where would scaring them take us?” Jessica purrs playfully as she lifts herself from the floor as if she were a rag doll on strings. “How would the world see us if we just scared those that had wronged us so? What would be the point of living, if we were the joke, and they were the dream?”

“Is that how you see it? Is that how you rationalise this inside that twisted head of yours?”

“I don’t need to rationalise anything, I am simply answering your question. You are the one seeking answers for questions that are just a waste of air.” she quips with furrowed brow.

“I knew this was a waste of time! I knew you’d find a way to manipulate the outcome to benefit you more than anyone else!”

Her smile grows once more, and she casts a smug gaze in Shawn’s direction. “Then it is yourself who should be held to task, not I.”

“A-Are you seriously t-trying to b-blame me f-for ALL this?” he stutters through trembling lips as a sea of sweat cascades down his brow, stinging his eyes like hot pokers. “You yourself just admitted to knowing prior to this all happening that I would do what I have now done, thus knowingly participating in my actions as if they were your own….”

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