Death On The Cold Trail – A Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

….Peter clutches himself tightly as the cold air cuts through him like a knife and he lets out an uncontrollable shiver. “F-F-F-FUCK Y-Y-YOU C-C-C-CONNER!” he stammers as he forces another step forward through the sea of white, pushing his foot though the snow like a shovel instead of stepping through it.

“There you go again, always blaming others for your misfortune,” Sammy says from up ahead.

“N-N-N-No one a-a-asked for y-y-your opinion.”

“No one ever does, that’s why I always give it whenever I can.”

Peter lets out another body wide shiver as a tremor courses through his body like an earthquake while he continues to plow through the snow with each strained step, casting Sammy a glance of warning as he passes him by.

“W-W-Why don’t y-y-y-you g-g-go rot s-s-s-somewhere,” he hisses through trembling lips.

“Already way ahead of you buddy.”

Peter comes to a stop and slowly turns to Sammy, truly noticing him for the first time in hours, or more importantly the lack of clothing. “A-A-A-Aren’t y-y-you cold?” he asks as he stares wide eyed as he looks over the colourful Hawaiian shirt and quarter length shorts that Sammy is wearing.

“Dead cold,” he says with a broad grin as he raises his martini glass and downs its contents….

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