Forwards/Backwards/In That Order/No – A Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

…The door hisses open and Oliver steps out with anxious trepidation, locking eyes with Dylan and Sophie almost instantly.

“A-A-Are you, y-you?” Sophie stammers nervously.

He pats his own chest and smiles, “I-I-I, I think I am.”

“Told you he’d say that,” a voice says from the other side of the room, as Oliver steps out of the shadows and grins broadly. “FUCKING doppelgangers are always saying that shit.”

“W-W-W-Who t-t-the FUCK is t-t-that?” Oliver says with words lost beneath the next, as he points a trembling finger towards the other Oliver.

“Why, I am Oliver DelGan, millionaire playboy and the last living heir to the DelGan family fortune, which includes four syndicate one-thousand companies, twenty-seven yachts, thirteen jets, four islands, and this stunning replica of the golden gun that Christopher Lee used in the Bond film, The Man with The Golden Gun.” Oliver says smugly as he proudly holds out the pistol for all to see.

“B-B-B-But,” Oliver stammers as he looks over to Dylan and Sophie, then back to his doppelganger. “I-I-I, I’m O-Oliver DelG-G-Gan.”

Oliver smiles and shakes his head, “No Oliver, you are not me.” he says as he raises the gun.

“I-I-If, if I’m n-n-not m-m-me, w-w-who am I?”…

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