Taken As If It Was Mine – A Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

…He looked down at the sea of red that quickly grew beneath him and allowed a muffled laugh to escape his lips before he cast his gaze back up towards her.

“You s-s-s-see, I know s-s-s-s-something y-y-you will n-n-never know,” he stammers weakly through strained lips.

“Well,” she purrs with a graceful pirouette as she dances around the room. “I know your time is done, and my time about to begin.”

“Y-Y-Y-YOU TIME I-I-IS A LIE!” he spits with venomous hatred, forcing his haggard form to its feet. “I-I-I, I BUILT T-T-T-THIS FROM T-T-THE GARBAGE MAN L-L-LEFT BEHIND! T-T-THIS I-I-ISN’T M-M-MINE, I-I-IT I-IS ME!” he bellows as he raises his hands into the air and clenches them into tight fists while the ground beneath them.

“Tell me something I don’t know,” she scoffs as she comes to a abrupt halt before him, and beheads him with a powerfully quick stroke….

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