For He Who Whispers From The Darkness – A Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

….“We here all know who is truly at fault, from the start of the day, to what is now the end. When you look around, you see all the points that HE fractured with the very thrusting of his hands. You see, with eyes open, while HE travelled with eyes closed not only to himself, but to us as well. BUT I SEE! I SEE HIM FOR WHO HE TRULY IS, AND WHAT HE HAS TRULY DONE!” Reginald cries as he thrust a pointed finger towards the gagged and bound Clive while Maria, Sally and Wendy watch on in silent terror.

“He was a wicked man, who played you all for fools,” the pale tall man whispers in Reginald’s ear, while a wicked grin slides across his lips.

“HE WAS A WICKED MAN, WHO PLAYED US ALL FOR FOOLS!” Reginald bellows as his eyes grow wide with venomous rage as he thrust a hand in the air, proudly displaying a ten-inch broad bladed knife. “BUT WE ARE FOOLS NO MORE, FOR TONIGHT WE SHALL CUT THE ROT FROM THIS EARTH!”…

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