The Waste Of A Lie – A Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

…Jeramiah closes his eyes and lets out a stuttered sigh, “Are you telling me the truth, or is this another one of your lies?”

“Why would I lie?”

“Because that’s what you’ve always done since the day I first met you. Rain falls and you feed shit to everyone like it’s a FUCKING rainbow.”

Jasper smiles wryly. “Like a FUCKING rainbow? What the fuck is that supposed to mean?”

“It’s supposed to mean what it means. Life goes on, and you lie like it doesn’t matter, and half the time you don’t even have a FUCKING reason, you just lie to lie.”

“Nah man, that ain’t how I swing, that ain’t how I lie. I don’t lie just to lie FOOL! I lie because the world needs to me to lie. I lie because I have to, not because I want to. Can’t you see that?”

Jeramiah stares at Jasper with a vacant gaze before shaking his head in disagreement. “All I see is something calling themselves a man, when they ain’t nowhere near being a man, in fact they ain’t nowhere near being anything!”

“If I ain’t anything, what am I?”

Jeramiah pulls his head back and furrows his brow. “You’re a FUCKING memory!” he says as he raises the pistol towards Jasper once more, cocking it as he does….

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