We Crave Less For More – A Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

…“We could’ve done more had we been kept in the loop,” Sinclair barks through lips over saturated with spit and cum. “I could’ve given you some leeway when it came to your debts, made you pay them back the old-fashioned way.”

“I’m not letting you touch me, not now, NOT EVER!”

“You say the words, but your body doesn’t hear them,” he says as he nods his gaze towards Vivian’s fully erect member as it pushes forcefully up against his already tight pants.

“I-I-I,” he stammers. “I-I-It’s a nervous r-r-reaction, i-i-it doesn’t mean a-a-anything.”

“BULLSHIT!” Sinclair scoffs with a wry smile across his lips. “You wanna bang, bang, with the man!”


“Do I scare you?”

“Y-Y-You FUCKING know you d-d-do!”

“It’s the teeth, isn’t it? My teeth scare you, don’t they?” he says as he smiles a sharp, toothy smile.

His brow furrows, and his lips tremble. “N-NO!” he spits. “It’s n-n-not your F-FUCKING t-teeth! I-I-It’s the fact you’re going to F-FUCKING kill me!”…

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