Two Ways To Stay Sober – A Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

…“I crept upon the sleeping dogs, like daylight does the night. None of them knew I was there until I had my knife in their back, and by then it was too late,” Clyde laments as he grabs his half full stubbie and drains it down his throat before slamming it on the counter. “ANOTHER ROUND!” he roars proudly as he throws a bunch of screwed up dollar bills onto the bar.

“Don’t you think you’ve had enough?” Emily purrs as she strokes his chest. “Don’t you think we should get out of here, and find somewhere more private?”

“Pft!” he snots as he grabs the bottle from the bartender before he can pull the cap off, and instead tears it off with his teeth. “Why do we need to find somewhere private? Ain’t here good enough for you?”

She looks around the seedy bar and rolls her eyes before letting out a long-winded sigh. “Not for what I want to do to you,” she says as she gently rubs up against him and grips his groin tightly.

He smiles broadly. “Well FUCK me stupid woman, all you had to do was say so!” he announces as he drains the bottle eagerly as he stumbles to his feet, gripping her tightly in one arm. “I’m looking forward to this,” he slurs.

“So am I,” she says with a wide smile, proudly displaying rows of razor-sharp teeth…

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