Her Name Was Diana – A Creepypasta Tale From 2020TOO

…“I called that classy lady just like you said, and I’ve gotta say she was very thorough!” he says with a broad grin upon his face.

Clive leans over and nudges him in the arm with his elbow. “Nothing like a thorough woman, doing what she does best, is there!”

“Diana sure knew what she was doing, I can tell you that!” he says with a jovial laugh, as Clive pulls away in horror.

“D-D-Did you says Di-Diana?” he stammers nervously as his face drains of blood, and a sea of sweat breaks out on his brow.

“What the fucks wrong with you? You look like you’ve seen a ghost!”

“A-Are you s-sure she said h-her name was D-Diana?”

“Mate, I won’t ever forget that woman’s name, ever!” he replies, before Clive grips him by the shirt collar and thrust him into the air.

“DID SHE HAVE A BIRTHMARK ON HER RIGHT SHOULDER BLADE IN THE SHAPE OF A CRESCENT MOON?” he spits frantically, while Drew stares dumbfoundingly into his eyes. “FOR GOD SAKE DREW, TELL ME! DID SHE HAVE A B….” But his words stumble away, as he notices Drew’s gaze is far more than that of shock.

“Hello, lover boy,” a woman’s voice purrs from behind him.

“D-D-D-Diana?” he stammers…

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