Day 13 – Short Cut – YouChallenge Short Story

He pushes the bikes throttle to the maximum as he tears down the street, his heart thumping in his chest viciously as he rides more on instinct than awareness. The numbers displayed on the inside of his helmet continue to count down and he tries to push the bike harder, faster, but he knows he is too far behind the clock now, and he only has one option, he has to go left, through the Unclassed Zone. He slams the bike around the next corner and keeps the throttle down as he powers through the gates with a crash, the front wheel wobbles violently as he tries to regain control and that’s when he spots them, limbering towards him, and he closes his eyes tightly as he slams into them, they are thrown left and right as the bike goes crashing to the ground, and the rider rolls with the crash and quickly scrambles to his feet as more of them come from out of the darkness. He pulls out a metal rod and charges towards his still purring bike as one of the three he ran into lunges for him, he smashes it across the face with the rod, knocking it to the ground, and pulls his bike back up onto it’s two wheels.

“What the fuck are you doing?” a panicked voice yells out from above, he looks up and sees a soldier staring back at him, he looks no older than he is and his face hides his fear as well as his voice hides his panic.

“Making a fucking mistake that’s what I’m doing,” he replies as he mounts his bike and takes off, deeper into the zone. More of them filter out, from the shadows, their dead eyes follow him, drool running down their chins as they smell the irresistible intoxicating aroma of fresh meat. The deeper he goes, the more stagger towards him from out of the ruins of a neighborhood he once played in so freely as a child. He knows with only minutes left this is the only option he has, with everything depends on him making the delivery, this time, without fail. But once again he pays for his ignorance, stuck too deep inside his own head he doesn’t see the herd of them coming around the corner until it’s too late and smashes into them, bodies fly in several directions, and he ends up trapped under the bike as they viciously scramble towards him, ripping and tearing at him. Shots rip through the air and several of them crash to the ground missing parts of their heads. He hears a voice call, the young soldier, he must have followed after him, he scrambles to his feet and grabs the container from the bike and forces his way out of the attacking shadows, he hears the soldier call to him again, but he heads deeper into the zone, his helmet tells him he has two minutes until the dead line is past, but if he can make it, he should only be a minute at the most away from the end of the Unclassed Zone and then it’s less than thirty seconds to his destination. His chest screams at him in pain as he sprints towards the gates, he can see them in the distance and he allows himself to smile, but his smile is soon wiped away as he feels something rip into the back of his leg and then something hits him in the back of his head, he feel a sharp pain, a wetness and then nothing as he crashes to the ground, a bullet hole in the back of his helmet. By the time the young soldier reaches the body an alarm in his helmet is going off, he press a button on the side and it stops.

“Sorenson, what’s the ten-four on your rider?” a voice screams over the solders head set.

“Rider is down command, he suffered multiple bites and I had no choice but to put him down.”

“Fuck, understood. Do you know why he was in the Unclassed Zone for?”

“Not sure command, he had a package with him, whatever was in it must’ve been valuable.”

“What is in the package Sorenson?”

“I’ll have a look,” he replies as he bends down and opens the lid of the box, his eyes widen in disbelief. “Command, you’re not going to believe what’s in the box, it’s a fucking pizza, the guy was delivering a fucking pizza!”

“Sorenson, did you say he was delivering a pizza?”

“That is affirmative command, the rider was delivering a pizza.”

“Who the fuck orders a pizza to be delivered in the Unclassed Zone? The only things in there are fucking zombies.”

“Beats the hell out of me command.”

“OK Sorenson clean up and get back to base for a debrief, does the pizza have mushrooms on it?”

“I’m sorry command, did you just ask if it has mushrooms?”

“That’s affirmative Sorenson, I’m allergic to mushrooms and I’d hate for it to go to waste.”



The Challenge was to write a story about a panicked pizza delivery guy who races down the street, I think I smashed it!

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