Day 13 – Short Cut – YouChallenge Short Story

He pushes the bikes throttle to the maximum as he tears down the street, his heart thumping in his chest viciously as he rides more on instinct than awareness. The numbers displayed on the inside of his helmet continue to count down and he tries to push the bike harder, faster, but he knows he is too far behind the clock now, and he only has one option, he has to go left, through the Unclassed Zone. He slams the bike around the next corner and keeps the throttle down as he powers through the gates with a crash, the front wheel wobbles violently as he tries to regain control and that’s when he spots them, limbering towards him, and he closes his eyes tightly as he slams into them, they are thrown left and right as the bike goes crashing to the ground, and the rider rolls with the crash and quickly scrambles to his feet as more of them come from out of the darkness. He pulls out a metal rod and charges towards his still purring bike as one of the three he ran into lunges for him, he smashes it across the face with the rod, knocking it to the ground, and pulls his bike back up onto it’s two wheels…

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The world is but a twisted globe, spinning round and round, allowing light to breathe life onto its weary bones. But, where there’s light, there’s always darkness, and hiding in the shadows are things our imagination cannot even begin to understand. So buckle up and venture forward on a journey through thirty-one short stories, stories bathed in blood, stories dipped in darkness, stories that will take you through the veil of sanity and onto the twisted roads of madness.

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