Day 33 – Full Deck – Short Story

The wind blows through the deserted streets fiercely, pushing, shaking, and tearing at anything that gets in its way, Joel peers out of the window and wonders how everything has managed to fall to pieces in the last twenty-four hours, wondering if anything will be left once the storm dies down. He turns back from the window, looking over the small group, until he locks eyes with her, for as long as he can remember there has been two things he could be sure of in life, the first was one day he was going to die and the second was his love for his wife, tonight though only one stands true, and sadly in all likely hood it will be the cold embrace of deaths arms he will find his comfort in. Nancy looks away and continues her conversation with Pete Welker, the owner of the bar, and Joel’s best friend, to be honest Joel wouldn’t say Pete was his best friend, he’d say he was his oldest, but not his best, not after what has transpired tonight anyway. Joel has known Pete since forever, their mothers went to the same birthing class and quickly became close friends and as fate would have it, they ended up going into labour the same day, its more than likely why something has always been between them, a connection, something unspoken, something Joel felt in the bottom of his very being and, he hated it…

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The world is but a twisted globe, spinning round and round, allowing light to breathe life onto its weary bones. But, where there’s light, there’s always darkness, and hiding in the shadows are things our imagination cannot even begin to understand. So buckle up and venture forward on a journey through thirty-one short stories, stories bathed in blood, stories dipped in darkness, stories that will take you through the veil of sanity and onto the twisted roads of madness.

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