Day 34 – Hour Glass – YouChallenge Short Story

She moves through the little shop slowly, taking her time to look over each of the items with old, experienced eyes, until finally she comes across one that grabs her attention. She picks up the small musical box and gives it the once over before she opens it, the box begins to play a soft little song and she places a hand on her chest and smiles.

“You, you are coming home with me today,” she says softly as she closes the lid and makes her way to the counter. The young man smiles as she places the musical box down and pulls out her purse.

“It’s a fine choice,” he says.

“It is,” she replies as she pulls out a hundred dollar note. “I’m sorry, this is the smallest I have…

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The world is but a twisted globe, spinning round and round, allowing light to breathe life onto its weary bones. But, where there’s light, there’s always darkness, and hiding in the shadows are things our imagination cannot even begin to understand. So buckle up and venture forward on a journey through thirty-one short stories, stories bathed in blood, stories dipped in darkness, stories that will take you through the veil of sanity and onto the twisted roads of madness.

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