Day 213 – Purge – Short Story

“So this is what it feels like?” He says, looking over to her with a smile.

She blushes, and smiles back, “It is what kings feel when they take what is theirs and show it off to the world.”

He laughs, “What a way to explain such depravity, when I was but a child, poor, living on the streets, starving, I favoured these men with my body, so I could afford food, so I could survive, and now,” he says, looking down at his blood covered hands.

“And now you have power, true, unbridled power, one, they can not take away from you, one, where they have to do out bidding, please, us.”

He smiles, and looks across to her again, “Our bidding? How does all this I have done, become ours?”

The smile drops from her lips, and they being to tremble, her hands, clench into fists, “W-W-Without me, you would still be on the streets, whoring yourself to their needs, pleasuring them. I saved you from all that, I gave you power, I made you into what you are, of course it is ours.”

He laughs, “I was, who I am, long before you found me, before you pulled me from the streets, you made me into nothing, you just took advantage of me like all the others, I owe you nothing.”

“I-I-I, I believed in you, I gave you hope, how can you betray me so?”

He slowly walks to her side, and cups her face, in his blood soaked hand, “Betrayal, is but what we all do, as a living, breathing, human, we are programed to misjudge, betray, and deceive each other, to meet our own ends, this is but one of those moments, but fear not, for the brightness of your light is your salvation,” he says as he kisses her passionately, squeezing her close, she tries to squirm out of his arms, push him away, but, he is too strong for her, eventually, he releases his grip and she tumbles backwards, crashing into the ground.


He smiles once more, “I really wish you had not said that!” He says as he dives at her.



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  1. sheldonk2014 says:

    A cliffhanger
    Can’t wait to read more

    Liked by 1 person

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