34 Days Until The End – Thirty-Four – Wrapped In Words


did you see that cock?


but he acts a lot like four,

juvenile and disobedient,

he even shits himself,

yeah I said it,

I told it like it is,

you think this is some joke?

You think my words are false?

Then take a look,

see his pants,

the stain on the back tells all,

he shat himself,

you know I’m right,

so suck it up and take it down,

this fucking jerks a clown,

and when you hear,

how he lost that ear,

you won’t want him around,

I kid you not,

it was with a goat,

he did try to poke,

but it wasnt in the mood,

and knocked him down,

upon the ground,

and kicked him in the balls,

then Mary Tucker,

he tried to fucker her,

underneath the willow tree,

she didn’t wanna,

but he still trued to fuck her,

so she bit off his ear,

and swallowed it down,

so there you go,

I told you so,

that Jerry is a jerk,

so next time you,

think of that fucking… poo,

you’ll know he’s really a shit.

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