29 Days Until The End – Best Offer Accepted – 50 Word Story Expanded

I don’t know when I first noticed it, the coldness, outside the air was warm, beautiful in fact, I could’ve stripped down to nothing, and still felt like I had too many clothes on, but, inside the house, it was cold, and I mean dead cold.

Nothing I could do would make it anymore than that, I even had the heat pump checked, you know, just to make sure it was working, the guys who came to have a look at it, gave me a strange look, like I was crazy, but, once they came in, and felt the coldness themselves, they understood what I was talking about.

They pulled that fucking thing apart, checked every piece of it, for any possible fault, but, found nothing wrong with it at all, so, eventually, after a few solid hours of searching, all they could do was charge me for their time, and leave…

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