Day 347 – My Gloves, My Self – 50 Word Story Expanded

If you want to know how this story started, you can read about it HERE.


 “It’s not fair, it’s not the way it should’ve went down, I could’ve done better,” he yells as he drives punch, after punch into the bag, his knuckles split open, bloody, his face, bruised and swollen.

“There’s no shame in defeat,” a voice says from the shadows.

“I should’ve won!”

“Then you should’ve fought harder, you should’ve dodged like I taught you, instead of bloody just standing there like a stuffed animal. You gave your best, you did all you could, but, not all you had, you could’ve won, you just didn’t want to, so why did bitter?”

He grabs the bag and rests his head against it, letting out an exhausted sigh, “I wanted to, I could taste it, but then I started thinking, how many more fights would I have to fight? How many challengers would want what was mine? How  much more pain would I have to I through?” He looks over to the shadows, and see his silhouetted shape move backwards on his seat. “That’s when I decided I didn’t want that, I’d trained my entire life, went up against guys who were easily beaten, guys who went down quicker than my Linda Lovelace did when a gun was pointed at her head. But how long would it be until I ran into someone better, someone who could take everything I’d fought for away, I-I-I. I just got scared,” he says pushing his head into the bag once more.

“Being scared ain’t a sin boy, being scared is what makes us better than the rest, you just need to know how to use that fear, how to turn it into what you need out there, not turning your tail and running. Shit boy, the talent that rushes through your blood is second to none, you, at the top of your game, are unstoppable! Now, you need to decide if you get back on the horse and take life by the balls, or if you run away, like a little spoilt brat who doesn’t want to share his toys with everyone else,” he says, getting to his feet. “You know where I am when you make up your mind,” he says as he walks towards the doorway.

“I’m done,” he says softly through clenched teeth, the man stops at the door, not even bothering to turn around.

“When you change your mind, when you realize how much you need it, when you can’t sleep, call me.”

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