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Daily Grind – Wayward Nights

I was planning on doing a video today for the Daily Grind, but this new lap top and me are just not meshing well, so, videos will have to wait until I work it out. I guess it’s a throw back to when I was writing full time for Fear In Fear Magazine as it helped me keep all my ideas in check, and just made to whole creative process work so much easier.

Anyway, that’s not what I want to talk to you about today, it’s last night that’s on my mind right now. It was about 3, 3:30 when I woke up with the feeling someone was in my room, I of course quickly turned on the light, and found none was there, I put it down to being half asleep and rolled back over.

Now, that in itself is not really worth mentioning I know, because really, it was nothing, just on its own that is, it’s what happened a little while later that makes it so important.

After I eventually drifted back off to sleep, 20 or so minutes later, I woke with the same feeling, this time however I didn’t turn the light on straight away, I just laid there, and that’s when I saw it, a figure standing at the foot of my bed, I almost shat myself, but when I turned on the light there was no one there. I searched the house, checked all the doors and windows, nothing was out of place, nothing unlocked, it was just impossible. 

I don’t know what it was, I don’t know how to explain it, but if things keep happening, I’ll let you know more. Has anyone else had similar experiences?


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In every house I’ve ever lived in. I wouldn’t worry about it. Just calmly say to the image “get out please, I don’t need you in here while I’m sleeping”.

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How do you maintain composure when fear controls every thought and movement? My heart races, my mind goes into overdrive, I’d like to think it’s my imagination, but I’m worried it’s not.


Like dogs, bears and junk. You run, they chase. You act scared. They attack. You act calm. You might live, nor so much the bear, but.

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Okay, show no fear and they have nothing to feed off, starve them and they bend to your will, disappearing back into whatever void they come from, I think I understand. The bear part, I wanted Grizzly Man and saw what became of him, I think running from a bear is the best option.


Fuck the bear. He’s killing you no matter what. I’m not sure about the starving thing. You could leave cookies and milk on the table at night but if you have roommates that just ends in pranks.


I remember, I think it’s a memory, or maybe it’s a story I was told once. Anyway however I came about it, it went like this. When I was a kid, my family adopted a pup from my mothers friends, it was the runt, and needed a chance to survive. So for almost 6 months I think, we raised that dog as our own, until, it was decided it could not stay any longer. It wasn’t because of ill treatement, but because we simply could not afford to keep it any longer. The dog went back to my mothers friends and there it stayed. A year or so later, my mother and younger brother went to the friends home, the dogs, as always came to see who was there, that’s when my brother got scared, the dogs chased him up a pole, where, this dog, who we had raised as a pup, bit him on the arse. Fear, is the key, I now see it clearly, I understand. And, I live alone, so there are no flat mates involved, or bears.

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I was walking when a loose tall pit came from behind his owner who was mowing, barking like he was gonna attack. So I kept walking right toward himm, slowly and doing baby voice talk. Calmed down and watched me go right by.

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Since you’re asking, last night I woke up and went out to the bathroom with the lights out. Entering the bathroom, about to turn on the light, I saw something, or someone behind me. I can’t describe the feeling better than you just did. Scary shit. I turned on the light, and there was no one there.
My mind’s quite messed up, though, and I see a lot of horror movies. I think that pretty much explains it;)

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So you’re suggesting maybe because I’ve allowed myself to begin creating again, my mind is overreacting to all the stimulation it’s processing? That’s an interesting theory.

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