Day 349 – Teacher’s Pet – 50 Word Story Expanded

If you want to know how this story started, you can read about it HERE.


“Shhh,” she says looking up from her desk, several sets of eyes meet hers then, spiral quickly down to the paper in front of them, all but Maxwell Kemp, he holds her gaze.

“Mister Kemp, eyes down!” She commands, he snears and leans back in his seat.

“Ain’t going to happen miss, ain’t going to happen today, ain’t going to happen tomorrow, in fact,” he says balancing his chair of two of its four legs, “it ain’t even going to happen next week, so, why don’t you do the yes down things, and I’ll just wait till the bell, okay?” He says smugly.

“Excuse me? Do you want to take another trip to Principle Smeadlies office?”

“Not really Betty, do you mind if I call you Betty?” He says, easing the seat back onto all fours and getting to his feet.

“How dare you!” She says, launching herself to her feet as well, suddenly the room spins violently and she collapses back down in her chair, she feels her toes go numb, followed quickly by her fingers.

“W-W-What’ssssss..” She says, struggling to get more words out, but the tingling numbness now has robbed her of her speech, Kemp stands before her, smiling proudly.

“Can you still hear me?” He says, slowly her head nods.

“Good, because I really need you to open your fucking ears and take in what I’m about to say. Do you think you can do that Betty?” He says as he leans across the desk towards her. She slowly nods her head, as the remainder of the class quietly giggle to themselves.

he spins quickly around and snarls, “What’s funny? Someone have a joke they want to share with the class?” He bellows, the room falls silent. “Thought so, bunch of opportunist, see someone down and can’t help but laugh at them, don’t think for one minute I’ve forgotten the part you all played, my vengeance comes for each and everyone of you as well,” he says, then turns back to her.

“You lied to them Betty, you told them it was all me, you never did anything, and they, they followed your lead, backed up your story of lies, ruined me, destroyed me, and now, now you’re all MINE!” He hisses, her eyes grow wide, and her lips slowly part, trembling.

“B-B-B-Billy?” She mutters, as his eyes turn black, and the room turns ice cold, as the hounds of hell come for all who played a part in his downfall, all who drove him, to his end.

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