Day 353 – Reveal, My Sword – 50 Word Story Expanded

If you want to know how this story started, you can read about it HERE.


“Honestly, if I had more time to think about it, I wouldn’t be here right now, that’s for sure.”

“Bullshit Will, you deliberately went against everything you were asked to do, and then, to top it all off you came here, and now we’re all going to pay for it!” She says, slapping him across the face, his cheek glows red from the impact, and he smiles.

“Yeah, I love you too honey but now ain’t the time for us to be flirting like this, we’ve got bigger problems than those of the heart.”

“Problems you brought here, why couldn’t you just leave, like you said you would, everything would’ve worked out, everything would’ve been the way it should’ve been, before you…” She stops, as her eyes fall to the ground and she bites into her lower lip.

“Before I what sunshine? Before I killed your Daddy? Or before I stopped that demented old man from sending your cute arse down into the pit? Because by my reckoning, them two things are the same fucking thing girl. That old bastard wanted to send you to hell, and fuck it, no matter what we’ve been through, or are going through, you’re still my fucking girl!” He yells, waving his arms around like a marionette.

“I know, but,” she takes a deep breath, then looks back up into his tear filled eyes. “But, I was ready, I knew the price for opening the gate, I knew my life, my soul would be the only thing that could close it.”

He stands there frozen in place, his mind replaying the night over and over again, now with the realization that she was never her fathers victim, he was hers, all of them, there to feed the awakening beast who was free.

“H-H-How do we stop it?”

“We don’t genius, when you interfered in the ritual you broke the chain, now it’s free, uncontrolled, untethered, devouring everything it comes in contact with.”

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