Daily Grind – Fear In Fear Reborn!

Fear In Fear Magazine is reborn, my past is being used against me, twisted and turned into something it’s not by someone I once called friend.

Gareth, your demented journey will soon be at an end, by bringing Matthew into this world, by filling his shoes with flesh and bone you have only angered the one who whispered the stories.

I thought my mind was gone, I thought I was just a nightmare given form, but now I realize it was you all along, no more, NO MORE!

Today. I reclaim not only my stories but that which was the portal for them to venture into this world.

Fear me Gareth, for the beast is at my side, whispering me a new tale, new words, words I will spread.

10 days,

10 days and you’ll all meet,

The Deadhead!

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