Day 358 – Sleight Of Hand – 50 Word Story Expanded

If you want to know how this story started, you can read about it HERE.


“Are you sure you’re doing it right?” She says looking up towards him, his face screws up and he storms toward her.

“I know WHAT I’m doing, do you?”

“I’m only following your instructions,” she says as he grabs her by the throat and slams her against the wall.

“Don’t even, you wanted in, you wanted to make those bastards pay, well this is it honey, we make them all pay this way!” He says with a wicked smile, tightening his grip on her throat.

“Da-Dal-DALE YOUR CHOKING ME!” She finally manages to scream, he gives her one last twisted look and let’s her go, storming off theatrically, to the other side of the room.

“Now, pick up the cup, and when I say the words dip it into the blood and drink the bloody thing so we can get on with everything!” He growls, she nervously walks over to a table, picking up a golden goblet, and nods her head slowly, he smirks as he raises his hands into the air and recites ancient text that, when said are more sounds than words.

The room shakes as he screams out the last passage of the awakening spell, she stands nervously, as the blood before her begins to bubble. “Now, do it now!” He yells, she jumps in fright and quickly plunges the goblet into the blood, the thick, warm, stickiness of it makes her dry reach.

“Drink it, DRINK IT NOW!” He yells, she, looks up at him terrified and then, back at the goblet.

“I-I-I, I can’t,” she says desperately.

“What the FUCK do you mean you can’t? You have to, if you don’t drink the blood who knows what hell will be brought down against us,” he replies quickly, rushing to her side.

“We don’t know for sure what’s going to happen, you can’t be sure what this spells really going to do!”

“I’m not stupid, fucktard! I know how it works, just give it to me!” he says, grabbing the golden goblet from her and greedily swallowing its contents.

“Okay, but I needed to make sure you understood that asking the devil for a favour is not as simple as it sounded,” she says with a wicked smile, his face drains of blood as he feels something tug at his innards.

“W-W-What, have yo-yo-you done to m-m-me?” He stammers weakly.

“Me? I’ve done nothing, you’re the one who cast the spell, you should know what level of damnation you’re about to face, after all, you’re not stupid, are you?”

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