Daily Grind – Yet Again, He Mocks Us!

Yet again he mocks from where he hides, come out, see me, I’ll show you my scars and, I’ll show you the beast, in all its glory, and then it will feast upon your sin!

What Gareth?

Are you afraid of this withered beast?

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  1. yazgar says:

    You think WORDS are your power? Your words are small, Need I remind you?… a pictures tells a thousand words my friend.

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    1. Marty Towns says:

      Yet you do not stand here before me, instead you hide, like a coward, have you forgotten what words can do, Gareth?

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      1. yazgar says:

        More words… are they even yours puppet! It’s your master that lurks and hides in the shadows, not me. Your days are literally numbered, tick tock….


      2. Marty Towns says:

        How many more drawing have you made Gareth? How many more images have you pulled from your head? Who’s controlling who? Stop lying to yourself!


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