Day 363 – Only A Love Game – 50 Word Story Expanded

“I could never, not now, not after all this,” he says through groggy eyes.

“Why? We’re made to be together, literally created by heaven and earth for one reason, to bond, don’t you feel it? Can’t you see it?” She says pressing a hand against his dirty, bruised chest, he grabs her hand and thrust it away.

“You’re FUCKING crazy, to think that just proves it. WE weren’t made to be together you half-wit, we fucked, that’s it, I was never interested in anything else,” he says through clenched teeth.

She slap him across the face, “Is this really all you have to say for yourself? Is this all that’s left between us?” She asks.

“Fuck you! You lock me up in this prison, yet you expect me to love you, what a fool you are, and how I’ll love taking your head from your shoulders!”

“You’re just like the rest, a whore!” She spits raking him across the face with her fingernails, tearing chunks of skin free, the blood glistens in the light as he hisses in pain.

“You fucking bitch!” He yells leaping towards her, but instead, crashes to the ground in a heap as the chains reach their limit.

“We could’ve been something wonderful, we could’ve made the skies sing, but,” she says, looking down at him, her face twisted with anger, as she tightens her grip on a the hilt of a large blade. “You spat in the face of true love, degrading what we had, degrading me, for that there can only be one punishment.”

“Y-Y-You’re fucking crazy, we went out three times, you were the one who invited me in, you made the first move honey, I just went with the flow. No wonder you’re single, freaks like you belong in zoos, not dating fucking sites!” He screams as he forces himself up, onto his knees.

“I thought you loved me,” she says fighting back the tears.

“Lady, ain’t no one ever going to love you, you fuck….” he stops dead in his tracks as she drives the knifes blade deep into the back of his head, he lets out a final, desperate, strained gasp, then collapses to the floor, where she drives the blade into him again and again, screaming wildly as she does, until she finally stumbles to her knees and sits sobbing in an ever going pool of his blood.

“You could’ve been the one,” she says softly.

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