One Love – A Short Story From – Twisted Roads – An Anthology Of Twisted Tales – Volume One

This is the first story from Twisted Roads – An Anthology Of Short Stories – Volume One, if you haven’t had the chance to pick up a copy, free or otherwise, let me tempt you with the first story that opens the book. I gave you a small taste when the book was released, but here is the full short.

Remember if you enjoy it, and want to read to more, follow the links below to score your free copy!





He swings the shovel violently towards the two men, as blood and dirt flicks off the blade, splashing into the wet ground with the rain.

“I told you to go, I won’t tell you AGAIN!” He yells.

“Samuel, son, for fuck sake, she gone, it’s not her ANYMORE! You have to let us do what must be done. Can’t you see, you’re endangering everyone with your stupidity!” his father yells back narrowly avoiding the shovels edge as Samuel swings it violently towards him again.

“You’re WRONG, you’re all wrong! She’s still in there, I can see it, just leave us ALONE!”

“We can’t do it, this is for the best little brother, I hope someday, you’ll see that!” His brother yells as he leaps into the air, tackling him, they both go crashing into the mud with a splash. His father makes a mad dash for the door as the two struggle in the mud, Samuel fights frantically against his brother, but as he screams in terror, two deafening shots are heard from inside the house, followed quickly by silence. The two brothers come to a stop, both looking towards the doorway, Samuel forces his brother off him and scrambles to his feet, rushing frantically towards the door, as a scream erupts from inside. He comes to a stop, as his mind explodes with panic, fear, desperation, hope, as he realises the scream was not hers, but that, of his father. His brother, slowly, wearily, makes his way to his side, and as they trade a nervous glance, just before a sea of red gushes from the doorway, covering them both.

They stand there in silence for a few moments, frozen in fear, then, his brother lets out a cry of anger and runs into the house. Samuel stands there as he hears his brother’s cries get louder, changing from anger to pain, and then something deeper, more, primal. How long he stood there, he can’t remember, but it was well after the screaming had stopped, and the chewing began. He looks up into the bleak night sky and lets the rain envelop him in its vacuum of violence, hiding the tears that runs down his face, as he collapses to his knees. Looking towards the doorway, peering into the darkness of the house, he hears it again, the tearing of flesh, the snapping of bone, and, he slowly gets to his feet, reaching into the door way, he pulls a control pole from beside it, and makes his way into this place, he calls his home.

“It’s okay honey, time to go back to bed, you’re still not looking the best,” he says to her, she looks at him, her face covered in blood, her once soft blue eyes now a cloud of grey, with only a hint of the splendid colour it once was. She growls at him, then rushes forward, but he manages to hook the noose of the control pole over her head and quickly tightens it down, pushing her back against the wall.

“Now come on honey, you know I need to clean this mess up, we don’t want any of these two coming back to cause us problems like the last ones did.” She grunts furiously at him, and he forces her towards a stairway that leads up to the next level of the house. She fights him the whole way, hissing, spitting and growling at him, but he keeps his eyes locked on hers, smiling all the while.

“I know honey, it’s okay, I know, I promised you we would, I just need to get it all ready,” he says calmly as he forces her down a dimly lit hallway, towards a room at its end. “You just get some rest, and when you wake, I’ll have it all ready, I promise.”

She stops fighting him and stands there, staring at him, her head tilts to its side as if for a second she understands his words, then, her mouth slowly opens, as if she was preparing to say something, then she lunges forward again aggressively. He shoves her into the room, where an open cage sits in its centre, wildly she flails about, trying to break free, but after a few tense moments, he give her one last almighty push and she goes tumbling backwards into it. Quickly he releases the noose from around her neck and slams the door shut behind her. She lunges forward, trying to grab at him, banging ferociously on the cage as he locks the padlocks in place then throws a blanket over it and collapses against the opposing wall. He sits there for a few minutes or more, fighting back the tears, muttering words of prayer, of hope, of forgiveness, when the sound of movement from downstairs brings him back to reality. He forces himself to his feet, and tightly grips the handle of the control pole as he rushes downstairs, before him stands his father, blood dripping from his torn face, his jaw hanging from his skull, held in place by fatty tissue and flesh, he gargles, letting out a low growl. Samuel drives the control pole down upon his head viciously, knocking him to the floor, then leaps over the reanimated corpse of his father, and makes a mad dash for the shovel that still leans up against the door way. In one fluid movement, he spins around as his father tries to get to his feet, and brings the shovel ferociously down onto his skull several times, until it’s nothing but a mushy pile of blood, flesh and bones. He feels something brush against his leg as his brother violently begins to spasm on the floor, Samuel doesn’t let what he is about to do pass through his mind, or for that matter, what he’s already done, and drives the shovel down upon his brothers skull, screaming, yelling, demanding answers, reasons, but there is only silence in response.


The candles burn brightly in the room as he places the cassette tape into the player and presses play, the upbeat, soft rock song begins to play and muffles the sound of the rain striking violently against the roof. He places a hand on the blanket and quickly pulls it off. She lets out a ferocious scream, shaking the cage violently, but, he just sits in front of it and smiles at her.

“Remember this song?” he says as he removes one of the padlocks from the cage door. “God it seems like it was a life time ago, all the crazy stuff that happened when we first met. I mean seriously, it was rough from what I remember, your Dad hated me, your Mum tried to hit on me, and so did your brother,” he says with a laugh as he removes another of the pad locks. “They’re never going to let us be alone, they’re never going to back off, and I’m tired honey, I can’t keep this fight up anymore. God, I’ve killed so many people, people I loved, you loved, and I’ve done it all for you,” he says as a tear runs down his face as he removes the final pad lock and the door swings open. “Let’s live this life together, like we planned,” he says as he holds out his arm towards her, turning his head away in preparation. Softly and slowly she takes hold of his hand, moments turn into minutes, then, he turns to face her. They sit there, looking into each other’s eyes, as their song plays its final few chords.


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