In Sleep You Will Still Call My Name

Pain is another of your names,

I screamed it when I called you,

sinking within this shell of who I was,

of who you knew me as,

plastic faces to hide the tears,

liquid feelings they shed so clear,

fornicated with my inner self,

silence is felt,

fate is dealt,

by my hands,

by my sin,

the place I’ve always seem to be lost in,

that place within,

shatters images of yesterday,

but in the end you’ll see,

this was all I was meant to be,

the person you could never see,

the man who was really me.

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  1. madmagpie says:

    We are rarely seen as we are for people fill in the blanks with attributes that justify their being and their living. It is why at times it seems impossible to co-exist with other human beings. Yet we seem to gravitate towards them anyway. Also… I am finding your writing as an amazing outlet for the worlds that exist within… Rock on, brother!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much, I’ve missed you my friend, the darkness that shines inside resonates through with me. Glad you’re enjoying my cryptic journey from within the husk, towards the ever glowing light of freedom from within.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. madmagpie says:

        I have missed this place too. My vanishings are part of the struggle. Although the past month has been so full of adventures through the mountains (I have climbed so more peaks in a few weeks that I have in past 5 years). While these adventures provided me with ample amount of endorphin releases I have sadly still managed to fall into another deep abyss within my mind and soul. It is a much needed pain sometimes that gives value to the good times, however, I am a bit tired of volatility. Was very thrilled that the first thing that popped up on my reader timeline was this piece of yours. It resonates so deeply. Thank you.

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      2. All our journeys, coincide with each other, as we all find our place, our peace, or release in this world, that at times refuses to stop throwing punches. But we always have to remember, that inside, clawing to get out is the one who resides within, who, not completely, hides himself from the world, your struggles are what make you stronger, and your strength vibrates in your words, behind your eyes you may show a different side to the face you show the world, but never fear that there is anything wrong, with you, or how your life and how you live it. We are stubborn beasts, but, we are alive my friend! I look forward to seeing you shed another skin soon 👍

        Liked by 1 person

      3. madmagpie says:

        That we are! Stubborn beasts that will never surrender! Thank you for your words! They mean a lot!


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