Bazookas And Lasers – Short Story

“We never really prepared for this shit in training, all we ever did was scenario after scenario that dealt with everyday bullshit, but this, I don’t even know where to begin with this!” Carter says as he kneels down and closes Sammy’s eyelids.
“You’re don’t need training to deal with this sort of thing,” Watkins says as he begins reloading his shotgun. “Way I see it we have only one road to take, and that’s straight down the middle. We move as one, we take anything down without hesitation, and maybe we’ll make it out of all this in one piece.”
“But w-w-what about t-th-the others, we can’t leave them!” Carter stutters nervously.
“We don’t have choice, if we attempt to go back down there with the limited firepower we have, we’ll end up dead, or worse. We get the hell out of here and come back with bazookas, sub-automatic machine guns, and maybe a laser or two and we’ll free every god damn person trapped in thy fucking hive!”
“Bazookas and lasers? Really? Don’t you think you’re getting a tad carried away?”
“The only thing getting a tad carried away here is time. We make a straight line for the caves entrance, get to our vehicles, if they’re still there, and head down to Mersey Creek. Once we get there we call Tanner down at the B.P.B military base, and then sit back with a few tinnies and wait for the fireworks,” Henderson says softly as he sits back chewing on a mouthful of tobacco, he slowly meets each of their stunned stare, then spits a wad of saliva and tobacco to the ground in front of them all. “This is the stage where you all agree and we get the fuck out of here.”

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