Fanatic Frenzy – Short Story

“One thing I need to know before I go,” Carol asks looking nervously towards Ricky. He smiles playfully and shuffles back into his seat.
“Hit me,” He says enthusiastically.
Her cheeks glow bright red, and she feels her stomach twist, she swallows and smiles. “W-W-When your character died in the season eight final, why did it take you two seasons to return to the show?”
His smile broadens as he licks his lips and he leans forward, squeezing his hands together tightly.
“What do you think happened?”
She sits there for a few moments as her brain tries to decipher the question he just threw at her. She can feel beads of sweat forcing their way out on the air.
“A-S-Some of the stories say you saw yourself as a bigger star, and wanted to flex your muscles on the big screen, other said you went into rehab, or asked for more money so they killed you off. But honestly, I don’t believe anyone of them. I’ve been a fan since you first showed up in an episode of Supernatural, twelve years ago and I don’t think any of those sound like you.”
He smiles, “I’m flattered, and you avoided answering the question wonderfully. But I have to ask what make you think none of the reasons you just said aren’t true?”
“Because I know you Ricky, I know you better than anyone else out there, and I know in my heart of hearts none of those reasons are true.”
Ricky feels a cold shiver run down his spine and he casts his bodyguard Mike a nervous glance. Mike nods and slowly makes his way across the room towards them, and Ricky looks back towards Carol. “H-H-Ho..” he clears his throat and smiles nervously. “What makes you think you know me, when we’ve never met until just now?” He says a Mike reaches out and places a hand in Carol’s shoulder, then screams in pain as he bursts into flames while Carol smiles broadly. “We’ve met before silly, don’t you remember the girl who gave you those good looks?”

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