The Space After This – Short Story

As the light fades away Darwin lowers his gaze towards the muddy ground below and tightens his hands into fists.
“Until the end then?” A voice says from the nothingness.
“It was always the goal, why have a beginning and a end, if one does not utilise them to their utmost potential.”
The voice laughs a vile, deep laugh. “Who would’ve thought you knew how to use the word potential, let alone understand the very complexities of what using it means.”
“Is this to be it?”
“What is it?”
“The end. Is this how my death is to be, stuck in this nothingness with you?”
The voice laughs again. “Oh how one wishes they had the time Darwin, but sadly for us both I do not. You see old friend, even though you have fallen, there still breathes billions or more who think they know how to play the game I created. Billions who believe they know how to shut the gates to my domain and free all who suffer within. Billions who need to be shown as you have been, that there is only one true devil, and he is more than any of you pathetic monkeys could ever know.”
“Pride will be your undoing!” Darwin screams into the darkness.
“Pride is a sin of the flesh, not of a god. Goodbye Darwin, may your stay be the forever torment you so deserve it to be.”

3 Replies to “The Space After This – Short Story”

  1. I see you’re having a two-for-one Devil special today. Actually, I was just having an online conversation with someone on how the Jewish version of Hell isn’t eternal (except for the very few irredeemably evil people who have ever lived). It’s still horrible and one suffers a great deal, but always with the goal of finally repairing all of the character and spiritual flaws the person ignored in life and eventually being redeemed from the pit.
    Oh, and HaSatan (Heb. lit. “The Adversary”) is more considered an angelic being than a god.

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