Listen To My Lie – Short Story

“Why do we see what we know to be a lie as something more than it could ever be, when we know deep within everything we are that this things we hold so high above all things is a lie?”
“What?” Jarvis says as he screws his face up in confusion.
“Don’t pretend you are oblivious to the nature of the beast, for we are all cut from the same cloth, and all I question is this one thing, why?”
“Why what?”
“Why the lie we chose to believe.”
“I think you’ve lost me somewhere along the line. I thought we were talking about how well the Cardinals played on the weekend, not life’s biggest mysteries,” Jarvis says shifting uncomfortably in his seat as he stares hopelessly towards the frozen traffic in front of them.
“That’s my point, I don’t know and neither do you. So when you asked and I told you they lost by twelve points you didn’t bat an eyelid. That’s how we started talking about lies, and how we just accept them even though we know they’re lies.”
Jarvis rolls his eyes and sighs. “I didn’t know the score, so how in the hell would I know you were lying dipshit?”
“They played the Reapers man, the team that’s set up the foundations of their home base at the bottom of the fucking ladder. How gullible would you need to be to believe that the number one team would lose by twelve points to them?”
Jarvis sighs again and stares out his window at the driver in the car next to them, feeling jealous that he is not also alone in his car instead of sharing with Steve. “Yeah I guess you’re right, I should’ve realised you were pull…..”
Steve starts roaring with laughter, slapping the steering wheel with gusto. “I was lying again, the Reapers don’t even exist. I made them up you gullible twat!”

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