Short Story

The Meeting – Short Story

“From the moment we first locked eyes I knew she would be my undoing. It was on the fallen star of Gasilver Seven that I first kissed her lips, had I know that it would take me on a journey not only within myself own self, but within everything she was as well I would’ve pushed her away instead of pleasing her nuplibits,” he says as he stops and tightens his grip on the small glass before downing the shot in one quick mouthful.

He lets out a gasp as he struggles for air, finally his throat opens and he sucks the air in greedily hoping it will quell the pain. “S-S-She told MEEEE!” He lets out a grimace of pain before slamming the glass onto the table, then like a bull lets out a bellowing gust of breath from his nose. “S-S-She told me I was the one she’d been waiting for, across all the stars, across all time and space I was the one who would set her free. Her touch was intoxicating and I paid little to no attention to her words those first few days, when I started to come out of the coma like state it all sank in to my membrane like a barrier had been released from between it all. She assured me that she herself had not done anything untoward to me, but because I was the perfect vessel my collective consciousness has disallowed any would did not or would comply to not understand everything she had said. I called her explanation a crock of lies, and should’ve sent a rocket cap through the centre of her skull, but I didn’t. Not because I didn’t want to, but because I couldn’t. She had this hold, it almost felt like love,” he stares off over into the distance before looking down at the empty glass.

“Do you mind if I get another?” He asks, before smiling and signaling to the bar staff. “It’s a dirty habit I know, but it’s one of the only things I have left that remind me of who I was before all this insanity started pouring itself inside my head.”

A silver skinned humanoid places a bubbling glass in front of him and silently glides away as if on wheels. He grips the glass and takes a deep breath before downing the substance then lets out a scream of agony followed by a cry of excitement.

“That there is a grade jet fuel, I kid you not!” He says with a broad grin. “I know, you want to know what all this has to do with you. Why you, some nobody who lives on the outer edge of the known universe would be of interest to someone like me, a man who obviously has too many issues of his own to even start poking his nose into other people’s  business, right?”

The faceless man across from him nervously nods his head then lets out a jumbled mess of words that sound more like bird calls.

“Oh, you don’t speak human? I feel awful that I’ve sat here and spilled my stomachs contents to you and you don’t even understand a word I’ve said. Here let me make It up to you,” He says as he places a small red glowing device between, seconds pass and it’s colour changes to green.

“SPECIES RECOGNISED CAPTAIN KANE, PLEASE PROCEED,” a computerized voice says aloud.

“Thanks Sin,” He says as he looks up at the faceless man.

“Tell me all you know about Halligan’s Box?”

One reply on “The Meeting – Short Story”

Halligan? Who’s she? Okay, okay. That was totally tasteless, but it was the first thing that popped into my head.

On a more serious note, this is one of your better stories. It’s just slightly longer than most of your wee missives, and I think the length gives you the space to develop characters and situations. God knows, I can write some whoppers when the mood’s upon me.


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