Do Not Deny Me My Fortitude Of Sorrow

“God damn it, can’t you see the shit you’re standing in? Can’t you see what it’s doing to Beth and the kids? For crying out loud Fletcher, wake up before it’s too late to save what little you still have!” Bobby yells as he slams Fletcher against the wall, thrusting his arm into his throat.

”YOU CAN’T UNDERSTAND WHAT’S HAPPENING!” Fletcher yells as he tries to wrestle himself free of Bobby’s grip, but he easily overpowers him and forces him back against the wall once more.

”Then help me understand what the FUCK is going on! Help me HELP you,” Bobby says as he tightens his grip. ”WHAT ARE YOU SO GOD DAMN SCARED OF!”

Fletcher glances over Bobby’s shoulder, towards the emptiness of the room and then back to Bobby, his eyes scream at him in despair. “J-J-Just l-l-let me G-GO!” He screams, forcing himself off the wall and sending them both crashing to the ground in a confusing mess of legs and arms. Fletcher is the first to scramble to his feet, and in his heightened panic clumsily reaches for the doorway as Bobby frantically grabs helplessly at the air in hope of somehow miraculously catching ahold of Fletcher, but to no avail.

“FLETCHER!” He screams desperately as Fletcher stiffens and let’s go of his grip on the door and slowly turns around. He casts a desperate glance towards Bobby and then towards the emptiness of the room before looking back towards him once again, his face now drained and pale.

“Tell Beth she was the best thing that ever happened to me,” he says calmly, smiling weakly as a tear runs down his cheek before something grabs him from out of the darkness and lifts him high into the air. Bobby’s eyes widen with terror as he watches  the life being quickly squeezed from out of his brothers withered form, and that’s when he sees her standing in the corner of the room, flicking in and out of existence like a light bulb about to blow.

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