We Are The Dreams That Never Die – Part One

Each step he takes down the shadow drenched street is heightened to a near fevered level by the possessive ambiance filtered into his subconsciousness by the techno enchanted music that slithers into his ears though a cheap set of bluetooth headphones. His eyes fixate on the screen before him, only looking up from time to time to ensure that there are no obstacles or any unruly figures to obstruct his path through this pitch night. He casts a glance to his left, partially catching the wayward attention of Abbey his Saffy-Cross, she looks up at him then to the ground quickly as she plants her nose into the ground and sniffs bringing herself to a powerful stop.

He pulls on her lead and the struggle begins anew for them both, with a defiant whine she thrusts herself closer to the ground while her nose draws in more and more vital information from whatever substance she finds herself senses currently basking in.

“NO!” He growls commandingly as he pulls once more on her lead forcing her to her feet, almost dragging her onward down the street. Abbey looks longingly over her shoulder towards the euphoria of brightly colored odors that move around like streams of water dancing in an extravagant fountain you’ll find in the middle of most European cities that’ve been in existence for more that a few hundred years.

Suddenly the street exploded with colour and an overpowering aroma, sending Abbey’s senses in a cascading whirlwind of terror. At first she tries to run but the collar tightens as the lead becomes taut, resulting in her master growling at her gruffly.

“WHAT THE HELL HAS GOTTEN INTO YOU!” He yells as she continues to dart confused glances around the brightly coloured street, whimpering as she presses herself to the ground in fear as figures begin to move towards them.

Her master kneels by her side and begins to gently pat her head, “Abbey, what’s wrong? What’s going on in that head of yours old girl?”

“She can see what we can’t see. She can smell what we can’t smell. The doorways are opening to the other place, and she knows it,” a voice announces from out of the darkness before them, cause both of them to jump in shock.

“W-W-Who the FUCK are you?” He calls out as a figure slowly walks from out of the darkness and under the light of a street lamp, his mouth drops as he stares into his own eyes.

“I know this is going to be hard to understand, but you have to listen to everythin…”

“W-W-WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU? A-A-Are you m-m-m-me?”

“No I’m not you Marty, well technically I’m not you. It’s kinda the reverse actually, you see you’re ME.”

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