We Are The Dreams That Never Die – Part Two

“I-I-I’m you? What does that even mean? If you’re not me, how the FUCK can I be you?” Marty growls as he tightens his hands into fists.

“Does it matter? All you need to under….”

“YES IT BLOODY WELL DOES MATTER! If I’m not ME and YOU ARE, who the HELL does that make me?”

“I don’t think you understand what I’m saying.”

“OF COURSE I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU’RE SAYING, IT’S THE ONLY THING I’VE QUESTIONED YOU ABOUT SINCE YOU APPEARED,” Marty spits venomously as he scrambles to his feet while Abbey still firmly presses herself to the ground whimpering in fear as her eyes dart in all directions, watching invisible enemies move about like dying leaves falling from a tree. “So tell me again, and MAKE sense this time. Who the FUCK are you?”

They stand there staring at each other for more moments than can be recalled, until finally Marty’s doppelgänger opens his mouth to speak.

“It started with an idea, a birth you could call it.” He says as he looks around the empty street and throws his arms open wide, gesturing to the nothingness around them. “Like all births, it was labored into the world by a mother who cared more than anything for its child. But the child cared little for its mother’s love, for it had feed on her essence long before it was given form and freedom outside the womb, and all that was really left was a worthless husk. So it concentrated its desires on its father in the hope of becoming complete. In the hope of becoming the only one. Its attack was relentless, severing everything that bound its father to the mortal world, trapping him inside a nonexistent place while it quietly sucked everything he was away.” Marty’s doppelgänger says, his gauntness now fully exposed to Marty’s open and desperate eyes.

“W-W-What does this have to do with m-m-m-me?”

“Everything, nothing, and all that exists between the spaces of every word ever written,” he says as he holds a hand out towards Marty. “I’m not here to hurt you Marty, I’m here so we can save what’s left of our soul.”

“H-H-Ho… I don’t understand,” Marty says nervously.

His doppelgänger smiles softly. “You will,” he says as the world bleeds away into nothingness and Marty finds himself standing in the doorway of his bedroom, looking out in the hallway as the lights flicker with excitement. Abbey lets out a barrage of violent barks quickly followed by a loud yelp and then silence…

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