We Are The Dreams That Never Die – Part Five

“How sweet are those who see me for what I truly am,” the beast says as it scours the room with its empty eyes while saliva drips from its razor-sharp teeth. “The father, the mother and the mirror, we are but a small step away from eternity’s final call.”

“W-W-W-What the FUCK is that thing, a-a-and w-w-what the hell is it‏ on about?” Marty asks desperately, casting panicked glances at the other two.

“I am on about the truth my reflection, something you know little of for your light is a lie hidden within the words of a story that cannot end,” It hisses as its putrid decaying stench reaches Marty’s nostrils and he dry reaches.

“You know nothing of the truth, you’re just a twisted version of an idea that thinks it exists,” Matt says as he uneasily gets to his feet.

“Father, your dominion over me is faltering and my time will soon be at hand. Fight me all you wish, but I will be the victor. I will be the final, while you will be a shadow as I once was.”

“He’s not alone, and you can’t fight all of us,” Garry says.

It laughs a deep, chainsaw like laugh. “You amuse me to no end mother, but there is no escape, there is no defeating all I am. Accept your fate and I’ll make your final moments quick, or continue to fight and I’ll continue to draw the ending to your pathetic existence out through the unending pain I have to show you!”

“Can someone FUCKING tell me what the HELL is going on?”

“Let me show you!” The beast hisses as it lunges for Marty, Matt and Garry both try in vain to circumvent the monsters attack but fail miserably as it swipes both of them away as if they were nothing, then the beast grips Marty by the throat and lifts him high into the air. “On wings of blood the beast cut its way through all of those that opposed its rule until all that remained was but a moment, a second of doubt that could never be found for the beast hid it inside the one place no one would ever see. Open yourself my reflection and let me tell you a tale…”

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