We Are The Dreams That Never Die – Part Six

The computer screen glows brightly in the dark room, eerily showering its light across the room. From out of the darkness she moves towards the screen, a pen wedge tightly between her clenched teeth and her rimless glasses perched on the tip of her nose. Her eyes run quickly across the screen as she reads the plethora of words displayed before her, before leaning back and scribbling notes on an already overfilled page of her note pad. The light flicks on and she shields her eyes, letting out a groan of annoyance.

“Turn it off!” She growls, casting a vicious glare toward the doorway.

“It’s three in the FUCKING morning Soph, can’t you take a break? If you keep going the way you are, you’re going to burn yourself out!”

“I can’t Glenn. I know you don’t get it, but I’ve got to be ready,” Sophie says with frustration as she turns back to the screen and returns to reading once more.

Glenn strides further into the room and closes her laptop. “Enough of this shit, you need sleep!” He growls, she forces his hand away and pull the laptop open again.

“You don’t understand Glenn, I’m so close. I-I-I, I think I’ve found him,” she says with stuttered excitement.

“Found who?”

“Marty Towns!”

Curse Of The Roundhead

The car comes to a screeching stop on the dry dirt road and Sophie leaps out of the driver side door screaming as she runs into the dense forest that grows along the side of the road. The sharp branches tear into her flesh as she forces her way through the thick growth casting a panicked look over her shoulder, as she locks eyes with his emotionless gaze she looses her footing and tumbles helplessly over a small ravine and crashes to the ground some meters below with a volatile thud.

Seconds pass, and soon become minutes before she finally shows signs of life and slowly pulls herself to her knees, letting out a cry of agony as she does, falling to all fours.

“Running won’t save you,” a voice says as Sophie is pulled up by her hair and she feels the coldness of the blade slice across her throat as he stares coldly into her eyes.

“Stop looking for ME!” He screams.

Sophie leaps up from her desk, sending her laptop crashing to the floor, and as her heart pounds frantically in her chest his words burn in her ears.

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