We Are The Dreams That Never Die – Part Seven

Sweat runs down her brow as her bottom lip quivers with nervousness. She looks around the silent room as her heart fills her ears, its then that she locks eyes with those of a pale young girl who stands within the darkness of her room.

Sophie leaps from her bed and strides clumsily towards the door, as he hand clutches the handle something grips her ankle and pulls her back into the rooms center.

She screams with terror as she is flipped onto her back and the awkward young girl mounts her chest, forcing all the weight of her small frame onto Sophie’s chest. She turns her head to the side as her empty eyes study Sophie’s fear etched face, before smiling and mouthful of razor-sharp teeth as her very face tears open to extend her twisted smile.

“It watches you,” the girl growls. “It watches you and it sees that you see the lie hidden in plain sight. It wants to see you find your way to his door but it cannot see that place for you. Find his door, reveal his emptiness and allow the story to finish,” the girl says as blood and saliva drip from her torn face. The door to Sophie’s room swings open and Glenn bursts into the room with a panicked look upon his face.

“What the FUCK Soph?” He yells as he flicks on the light to reveal Sophie crouched on the floor, alone. She meets his frustrated gaze with her confused, he throws his arms into the air and storms back out of the room. “Get a NEW hobby Soph, before you end becoming part of the story.”

Sophie tightly clutches her knees and squeezes herself into a ball as she slowly searches the room.
Its then that she feels the coldness of her breathe on the back of her neck, quickly followed by a rotting stench and the words, “Find his door, reveal his emptiness.”

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