We Are The Dreams That Never Die – Part Eight

“What THE FUCK!” Sophie screams as she scrambles to her feet and runs from the room, as she enters the small hallway she meets Glenn’s zombified gaze as he falls to his knees and topples forward into an ever-growing pool of dark red, that’s when she locks eyes with its empty void like eyeholes.
It sucks back a stuttered breathe, salivating at the thought of tasting her innocence. “Since the beginning of time there has only been us, wrapped in a forever so deep that light failed to pierce its core. That was until the day the darkness was no more and I stood in the light alone. At first I savoured the freedom, but soon realised it was not freedom but a more creative cage to keep me locked in. For eons I search for a door, only to be fooled time and time again, until you dear Sophie, you are the key I have been waiting for,” the beast growls through rows of razor-sharp teeth.

“W-W-What-t-t are y-y-yo…..”

It takes a powerful stride forward, letting out a deep vibrating growl that causes Sophie to release the contents of her bladder in her pants. “Treat me not like the fool you think me to be, I am the beginning and I will be the end!” It bellows as it takes another powerful step forward.

“I-I-I don’t unders….”

“STOP LYING!” It screams like a volcano erupting as it takes two more steps towards her, the smell of rotting flesh cuts into her face like a blanket of razor blades and she vomits uncontrollably over herself, causing the beast to laugh with amusement. “End the story, give me what I want and your last few moments will be painless,” it says as it takes another step forward, and leans down, now only a few inches from her face. “Or try and fool me, and your pain will last an eternity!”

“What if I can’t find him!” Sophie screams as she leaps up her bed as her heart beats a thousand beats a minute, sweat drips from every inch of her body and the sharp tang of urine wafts up her nose as Glenn barges into the room, baseball bat in hand.

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