We Are The Fear That Never Dies – Part Thirteen

“Tell me what this has to do with a fun park!”

“Y-Y-You’ve m-missed the point I was trying to make Det-Detective bo-bozo. What I was saying was, the blogs were all lined up like the mirrors in a fun park. Each one on a slightly different angle. Each one slightly twisted in design. But throughout each one the original image was still present regardless, feeding like a leech off every reverberated image,” Kevin says as he pushes the revolver away and tries to wriggle his way out of Javier’s grip, but only encourages Javier to tighten it.

“How did you first make contact with the victims?”

Kevin nervously chews on his bottom lip as his eyes search the room and come to rest on the broken water jug. “D-D-Do I have to?”

“Maybe the gravity of all that’s going on around you has lost its weight somewhere in that addled mind of yours, so let me bring you back up to speed. You’re facing sixteen counts of indecent assault, fourteen counts of recklessly endangering the lives of innocent bystanders, and two, possibly three counts of murder in the first degree. Now if you FEEL like answering my questions is a waste of YOUR valuable time, then you’ve got another thing COMING! Now how the fuck did you and the victims first make contact with each other?”

Kevin swallows and nods towards the water jar. “C-C-Can I have another glass?”

“What the fuck are you, a fish? Just answer the god DAMN question!” Javier hisses as he tightens his grip and pulls Kevin up from the seat.

Kevin smiles as he nervously scratches at an infected abscess on his arm. “I-It-I-It was on a forum b-board, and b-before you ask I don’t remember which one, but it was o-on-online.”


”A-A-And what?” Kevin asks as a foul-smelling pus bursts from the inflamed area on his arm while he continues to dig at the now open wound.

“And what did each of the victims say when they messaged you?”

Kevin bites down on his bottom lip, unflinching as the dark red blood poses down his chin. Javier’s face twists up as he thrusts Kevin away and pulls his revolver free once more, training it on Kevin.

He looks up at Javier with soulless black eyes and smiles. “Do you want to read a stor…” his words are cut short as Javier fires three well placed shots into the centre of his skull. His ears ring with a piercing shriek and then is replaced by the hisses of static that comes from the TV that now sits in front of him.

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