We Are The Fear That Never Dies – Part Fourteen

“What the fuck is happening?”

“Repetition,” A voice says from behind him, Javier spins around his revolver at the ready once more. He finds only emptiness behind him.

“S-S-Show yourself you coward!” He yells.

“For me to be a coward I’d have to be hiding, and clearly I’m not hiding,” the voice says from behind him once more. He turns around quickly again to find himself standing in his own living room, the TV hissing violently at him and a silhouetted figure stands at its side. “Lower your gun Toddard there’s no need for it, not against me anyway.”

“I’ll be the judge of what I will and will not do, who are you and what the FUCK is going on?” Jarvier says as he blindly feels around for the light switch while keeping his revolver and eyes firmly locked on the mysterious stranger who stands before him.

“I’ll gladly tell you everything you need to know, but trust me when I say this. Seeing everything right now won’t help you understand what is happening any more than you already do, so I’d stop and concentrate on what will, this conversation.”

“STOP telling me what to do!” Jarvier yells as the room explodes with light and he stands there staring at a disheveled reflection of himself.

“W-W-Who the FUCK are y-y-you?” Jarvier stammers.

“I told you the light wouldn’t help, but I guess when I was you I didn’t listen either.”

“When you were me, are you saying you’re me from the future!” Jarvier says with a nervous laugh.

“Do you really want me to answer that?”

Jarvier thrusts his gun forward, “I don’t know, should you?”

“I’ll tell you what I told you, when I was you.”

They stand there is silence staring at each other.

“What did you tell me?” Javier asks finally.

“I told you, there was no more time for me to say anything else.”

“W-W-Why not?”

“Because she drives a blade through my chest and kills me.”

“Who drives a b…” but he doesn’t get to finish asking his question, for a blade tears through his future selfs chest.

“Hello lover, miss me?” Marilyn asks as she tosses his lifeless future selfs body to the side.

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