We Are The Fear That Never Dies – Part Fifteen

Javier squeezes the trigger back and squints his eyes in anticipation, but there is no explosion, there is no propelling of forged steel, there is nothing but her smile.

She pushes her bottom lip out like an unhappy child. “That’s not the welcome I expected,” she says before smiling a broad toothy grin. “That’s a lie, you did exactly what I thought you’d do. I mean shit lover, I just killed you right in front of you, that’s gotta fuck a man up,” she says confidently, thrusting her chest out and slamming her fists into her hips proudly.

“This is all a dream. You’re dead and whoever that was, was nothing more than my mind fucking with me.”

She pouts once again, “Lover, if this was a dream this next wouldn’t hurt as much as it’s going to,” she says as arms grab Javier from behind and pull him backwards, he struggles to free himself but finds it impossible to escape.

“Don’t be so quick to run away hunk-o-spunk, the night is young,” Victoria hisses into his left ear.

“We’ve got more fun than any one man could ever want and I know you’d regret not being a part of it,” Sam whispers in his right ear, biting his earlobe.

He feels steel touch his bare chest and looks up into Marilyn’s soulless empty eyes as she holds the blade to his chest.

“Don’t take it personally lover, but there’s just so many things we have to show you I don’t really know where to start. So I thought I’d just cut to the chase and bring on the end.”

“If this is all real and not a dream like I think it is, the fact that that’s my future self on the floor over there means you’ve already killed me tonight and you won’t be killing me again,” he says, her smile drops as she casts a quick glance over to his corpse and then back to Javier.

“The future can cha…,” she says before a shot rips through her head.

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