We Are The Fear That Never Dies – Part Sixteen

Fingernails dig into his flesh, as well as teeth as Jarvier finds himself dragged to the ground by the two girls, he screams in fear, he screams in anger.

He feels it pierce his chest and grip his innards before ripping outwards with a handful if his intestines.

“Look at that, you are just like everyone else on the inside.”

He looks up into Marilyn’s twisted face and grits his teeth with hate.

“Stop playing with me, if your going to kill me just get it over and done with,” He hisses, causing her to smile broadly.

“Lover if it wanted you dead, we would’ve disembowled you many times ago instead of going over and over this charade,” she replies with a sarcastic laugh.

“W-Why? What’s so special about me?”

“We don’t know. But more importantly, it doesn’t know why you’re still part of the story. All it can assume is, that he resurrected you for a reason and it wants to know why?”

“W-What the fuck are you taking about?”

”I’m talking about the fear that never dies. I’m talking about yesterday being tomorrow and tomorrow behind yesterday. I’m talking about Towns and The Roundhead. I’m talking about what that little shit did to us, about what you did to him, remember lover? Remember what happened when you’re eyes were opened?” She says as they stare into each other’s eyes, before he looks away and watches as the ash falls softly to the ground from the end of his cigarette and he breathes a lungful of smoke out, letting out a volatile cough comprised of saliva and blood shortly after.

He looks up into Marilyn’s dead eyes and shoves a shaking fist into his mouth which he bites powerfully down upon as he sobs uncontrollably, piercing the flesh as he does.

“Don’t be like that lover, things don’t have to change between us because of all this does it?” Sam says with a twisted smiled upon her pale face, he quickly raises his revolver and unloads the remainder of the clip into her skull.


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