We Are The Darkness That Never Shines – Part Seventeen

“There is a point in every existence when we question what is, and what could be. We three are at that point,” he says looking across the table at the two men who sit opposite him, one of the men meet his gaze while the other concentrates his focus on the words he scribbles down into the small writing pad before him.

“We’re at a completely different, what could be situation than your normal run of the mill pondering of future destinations.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Because we actually have control over what happens next.”

“We, control nothing. He on the other hand,” he says as he nods towards the man who continues to expel the contents of his head into words on paper. “He controls it all.”

“So WE have control over what happens next, like I said.”

“But what if he doesn’t agree with what we think should happen?”

“But he will, and we will, because we’re all one mind focused on one aim.”

“But we’re not one mind. I’m me, you’re you, and he’s whoever the fuck he wants himself to be at any given time.”

He looks up from the paper and stares at the man, before looking back down and continues to write.

“You talk like you know what’s happening, but you don’t really understand who he actually is and what we actually are because of him.”

“I know enough, I know he’s some big shot wanna be who thinks he can play with people’s feelings. I know he thinks he has enough smarts about him to outwit his own ideas. But what he doesn’t know is I know more than he’s letting on, and it’s killing him because he doesn’t know how I know what I know,” he says with a broad smile.

“None of that makes sense.”

“Of course it does, but you’re just an abstract character who he’s using to try and find out why I know what I know. Unfortunately every time he tries to write why I know things, the story shifts and he can’t focus on what he wants to write. Like right now. He’s stuck in a loop, trying to work his way back to the part of the story where I tell you what I know, and why I know it.”

“So, why do you know what you know?”

“Like I said, we three are at a point where what could be, can be,” He says as he smiles broadly again and leans forward, placing a hand on the notepad.

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