We Are The Fear That Never Dies – Part Eighteen

“How many more times?” He softly hisses through clenched teeth as he stares at her soulless empty eyes, but she gives no reply. He leaps to his feet and flicks the cigarette to the ground as he unloads several shots into Sam’s skull as she leaps from the darkness, then effortlessly twists around and sends another two into Victoria’s.

He releases the empty clip and locks a fresh one in its place. “Oh, why won’t you stay dead,” he says nonchalantly, his voice void of emotion.

”Come on lover, don’t be like that. I thought you had at least a few hundred more repetitions left in you before you’d break,” Marilyn says as she slithers out of the darkness.

“I’m not your play toy,” He says as he places the gun to his head and fires.

His eyes watch with little wonder as the ash falls from the cigarette and lightly tumbles to the ground as if time had no weight at all. He takes a deep drag and looks up into her dead eyes. “I’m not your play toy,” he says as he flicks the cigarette at her and thrusts his revolver to the side of his head. “I’M NOT YOUR PLAY TOY!” He screams with laughter as he pulls the trigger.

The ash from the cigarette falls to the ground and his eyes watch as it explodes in a ball of dust as it hits the ground. He eyes meet her soulless empty eyes and he smiles, quickly pulling his revolver up to the side of his head and squeezing the trigger.

As the ash falls to the ground he places his revolver to his head and pulls the trigger.

He shoves the barrel of his revolver to the side of his head and pulls the trigger.

“ENOUGH!” The beast bellows as the room melts away to nothing’s and only it and Javier remain.

”I say when it’s ENOUGH!” Javier yells as he jams his revolver into the side of his head and squeezes the trigger.

The ash falls into the darkness as his eyes rise up to meet its large pools of nothingness.

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