We Are The Fear That Never Dies – Part Nineteen

“I AM NOT YOUR TOY!” Javier screams as he shoves the revolver to his head, but this time there is no explosion.

This time there is no pain.

This time, there is only darkness and the beast.

“Why do you continue to fight me brother?” It births into this world like scratching on a blackboard.

“Why won’t you just let me FUCKING DIE!” Jarvier screams as he pulls the trigger again and again with no result.

“I am not doing this out of hate, it is love that I do all this for,” the beast replies.

Javier laughs momentarily before pulling the trigger again. “FUCK YOU!” He yells as he pulls a blade from jacket and slices it across his throat. He screams in agony as the blade tears open veins with glorious jets of crimson flowing before his eyes, then nothing and he sits before the beast once more, naked this time.

“I have no desire to see you dead brother, trust in me and I will make all your greatest desires be,” the beast hisses.

“I have no desire to care what you WANT!” Javier spits as he bites down deeply taking mouthful of flesh and tendons from his wrists in a sea of red that washes over him.

The birds song sings loudly in his ears, as he shields his eyes from the blinding sunlight, as the warmth washes over him he feels her hand come to rest on his chest.

“I don’t want this day to ever end,” she says as she kisses his bare flesh.

He feels the tears well up in his eyes as his bottom lip trembles.


“If you listen to what I have to say, I can make this day never end,” its disembodied voice hisses.

“I-It wouldn’t be real, you can promise that which you can’t give,” Jarvier says as he opens his eyes and stares into its pools of nothingness.

“I can promise anything if you help me brother. I can promise forever if you so desire.”


“I need you to become my Rudolph and help guide my sleigh tonight,” the beast hisses.

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