Backwards From The Start (TRATS EHT MORF SDRAWKCAB) – Wrapped In Words

Questions winging hopelessly (YTPME) across this pathetically uninteresting battlefield called life or something like that, (EFIL) supplemented facts given as truth (SEIL) false denials covered up by the powerful (SNOIGILER) self righteous infancy tucked away beneath adulthood (DLIHC) your readiness to be, was never meant to BE! Fractured disguises mirrored (SisscorrocssiS) in the eyes of those that profess your love (EVOL) you care little, you care not, sophisticated lies hidden in plain sight, show the world (EM WOHS) unburden yourself of these burdens you bear, and let the true suffering begin (NIGEB S’TEL ,WON)

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