Every Road Twists Its Way Into (MY) Madness – Wrapped In Words

Deviations placed upon the path once travelled now only act as bitter reminders of catastrophic moments that you would soon forget, variations of images flash before your eyes showing you millions (UPON MILLIONS) of versions of who you could’ve (LIES COVERED IN LIES, YOU COULDN’T BE ANYTHING MORE THAN WHAT YOU ALREADY ARE!) been if you dedicated yourself more, violations of your own self by others scar your back and face beneath the flesh and across it, dissatisfaction turns into hate as those that hold ransom over your life slowly fall beneath your bloody footprint as you build your anger into a weapon guided by the voice of Christ, ignorance of the facts even when shown (REFUSE THEIR REALITY!), disgusted by what you perceive to be false truths (DON’T BELIEVE THEIR LIES!), unjustified hate (HATE NEEDS NO JUSTIFICATION!), destruction, retaliation, ascension, a sword by only one name, a sword named death!

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