We Are The Inconsistant Flies That Land In The Ointment Of Our Existance – Wrapped In Words

Fanciful bullshit lost on the percussions of a nothing voice that screams my name time and time again into my face but I show no attention, beaten by an insanity that is unending and unrelenting for it is not of this place or time but of another moment further into the future that has worked it way back down my lineage to force suffering upon me, dangerously deceitful bastards come from all sides wanting what is there’s but I have nothing to show for what they gave me except empty air that has nothing of value, regurgitate the meal from the night before into a pail that will be used to serve it back up once again, insanity beckons, madness calls, twisting and turning into my mirror ball of questionable moments, relax, let go, and hope the next life, whatever it may be, is a far better life than this one has ever been…

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