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What Swims Beneath My Flesh

Can’t you see how numb I’ve become,

I can’t feel the knife you left there anymore,

But I still remember the words,

I still remember your face on that day,

But now I just don’t care,

For there is nothing left of me inside here,

I just exist to fill space,

A zombie,

A ghost,

Not even a shell of who I was,

Not broken,

Not bitter,

Not jealous,

but empty,

Witness my vessels becoming,

See what you never could see,

See the me you’ve made me be,

See through me,

See past the lie I make myself out to be,

See through my eyes,

See out through the mask I wear,

See inside my and know what beats beneath the flesh,

See all of me and cast aside your judgment,

See beyond the doors of what was and see what is,

See down into the whirlwind that is my soul,

See the judgment you stole,

See it,

See my disease,

See me!

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