Madness Poems Whispered Words Wicked Words Wrapped In Sin Wrapped In Words

The Lies Are Well Known, For His Word Spreads Far

Forsaken is the sun that shines on the entrails of what was,

Desire leads to an ending of hateful spite,

Lacklustre endings fueled by mechanical constructs,

We bridge a want,

We grow a need,

But in truth none of those mean a thing without perfection,

A word robbed from the book of job,

A lie,


Like the rest of what was written,

But for those who are damned anything is better than facing the truth that once you sin,

Whatever waits after this life,

The darkness of forever,

Will not be as empty as you would hope,

For outside the void,

In the coldness of the nothing,

It waits for you and your sin…

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